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Kin of Kemet

Kemetic Otherkin

Kemetic Otherkin




April 11th, 2010


Hello.  My name is HedebBast (some of you might know me).  I'm a Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu, Daughter of Bast, Beloved of Sekhmet.  I'm also a Leanan Sidhe...though it's taken me a bit of figuring out for me to come to that conclusion :), because for me, I had to read, read, and read up on the Sidhe, and Sidhe Kin, and all other possiblilities before I felt it right to say that this is what I am.  I'm a Virgo, and I blame this for having to do that :P.
In my spare time, I foster cats for my local Cat Rescue, tend to my plants, and make gemstone anklets and pouches to hold tumbled gemstones.  When I'm not doing that I'm working in my local Mall, in a New Age store.  Anyway, that's a quick intro.  Nice to meet you all.

May 13th, 2008


The Hermetic Dog - Conjuring
Hey there everyone,

I know earlier in this community discussions came up about comparisons between one's patron deities, and theriotype, etc. just recently I managed to finish an essay in answer to a much earlier prompt in animal_quills on the same topic. Since I already crossposted it enough on LJ, I'll just provide the link below to where it's archived in my website, Cynanthropy.com:

The Watcher

Feedback and discourse is always welcome. This community seems rather quiet, but I have enjoyed the conversations here so far. I have some other thoughts to throw out, but they'll probably have to wait until later.


February 6th, 2008

Why hello there

 I'll keep this brief. I'm a Greater kudu therian who happens to be Kemetic. Once I turn eighteen I plan on taking the beginner's course in the House of Netjer. The only thing I see wrong with the HoN is the emphasis they put on viewing Netjer as "the one God of Ancient Egypt". I simply do not feel Netjer is one God specifically, and I know HoN has said that they don't either. However, the stress on Netjer being one whole is annoying to me.

Note: I do believe Netjer is one and many ...but I don't think that the emphasis should be put on viewing Netjer as one, as that wasn't very important back when Kemetism was originally practiced.

November 28th, 2007


The Hermetic Dog - Conjuring
I should first start off by saying that, although I'm not a member of any house, temple or oganization, the deities of the Kemetic pantheon have always had the most effect on me in my life, primarily Yinepu-Wepwawet, Djehuty, and Mafdet.

I identify as a canid-person. If you want to narrow it down to specific species, one can go with c. lupus hodophilax as one example, though I've found my canine-consciousness seems to stretch species borders and/or overlap within the genus Canis. My identity as a canid-person has had a strong effect on my relationship with Yinepu and vice versa. Piecing together miscellaneous experiences and occurences over my life I've only just come to realize how strong of an effect he's had on my life--even my Catholic father's patron saint, Saint Christopher, can be traced back to Yinepu through the Eastern Orthodox tradition. As such, I have grown to recognize him as my patron.

Djehuty has always been a major influence with my occult/alchemical studies, as well as my writing and my communication. Something I always find myself practicing and fine-tuning (I realy need to get my writing organized and onto my website eventually). Mafdet has helped aide me in my relationships with others, as well as my relationship with myself. She has also been a protective force in my life, and helps teach me how I can be a protective force in the lives of others too, let alone how to protect myself, and treat my body right.

Needless to say these experiences have sparked a curiousity of the Kemetic faith, and has caused me to want to delve deeper into Kemetic theology to perhaps gain a better idea on things. Perhaps forge deeper connections, if not strengthening the deep connections I already have. Unfortunately I do come to this community with perhaps a slew of annoying questions regarding Kemetic philosophy--though I figured I'd introduce myself first before assaulting everyone in here with them. Also, any further information and book resources would be welcome and appreciated.

Thanks alot!


April 10th, 2007


BR2 Cover
Hello everyone. I'm an Arctic wolf/bighorn sheep therian and Kemetic, obviously. I have always loved Egypt and I have had a past life there. I have loved the old Egyptian religion ever since I was little, but I only found out a few months ago that there was a modern relgion following the old ways. So, yes, I am a bit fo a "newbie" to Kemetism, though the general religious ideas and many of the gods of Egypt are not that new to me.

April 4th, 2007

A question for the Kemetic Orthodox otherkin out there...

How do you explain the discrepancy between KO and the reincarnation theory of otherkin?

Hemet has said (on the AtN board) that humans do not incarnate as animals, and animals do not incarnate as humans; no transmigration (I'm assuming this is derived from textual and egyptological evidence, or possibly experiential knowledge, in which case I can respectfully disagree). She stated that each type of ba is species-specific and species-unique. Cat-bau always incarnate into cat bodies, human-bau always incarnate into human bodies, etc.

How does this relate to your concept of your otherness? Is this one of those situations where you go "I respectfully disagree with Hemet", or do you have an explanation for your otherness other than "I spent a past life as a nonhuman" or "I have a nonhuman soul/soulpart"?

My Father is Wepwawet-Yinepu; I know this as deeply as I know anything, and have for quite some time. My Beloved is Bast-Mut; that's something I'm still learning about. But I also know that I am bird; I know this deeply, soul-deep, bone-deep. It's a surety of knowing and I can't deny it just because the official line is that there aren't nonhuman bau in human bodies. So how to reconcile faith and otherness?

March 20th, 2007

So I had my RPD a couple weeks ago at the House of Netjer and was divined a daughter of Wepwawet-Yinepu and a beloved of Bast-Mut. Which sort of cancels out my "parents and otherkin" theory for me from this thread.

Which isn't to say it isn't the case for some people. Having Bast-Mut as a beloved possibly explains my connection with felines; I've often had cameo-shifts into feline (usually either lioness or something like a leopard), and it confused me for a while; there were times when I thought perhaps some part of me was gryphon because of the ease with which I shift to feline, sometimes even involuntarily, coupled with the birdness that has always been rather clear to me. Obviously I rejected this, of course; I shrugged it off as just odd cameo-shifts, or explained it with "feline traits are catching and I know cat-people". Being a beloved of Bast-Mut, however, makes more sense as an explanation.

Observations of Kemetics in person.Collapse )

Of course, this all means that my handy explanation of Parents/Beloveds as a cause for otherness doesn't quite work for me. Yippee, more thinking. >_>


February 28th, 2007


Blue Lotus
Em Hotep!

If you haven't guessed already, my (Kemetic) name is Aqatisenu. :)
I'm a Shemsut of Kemetic Orthodoxy, and the child of Nebt-het and Yinepu, and beloved of Sekhmet. I identify as a Vampiric Faery, something along the lines of the Leanan Sidhe. That fits me incredibly well, but I hesitate to use it because of the Sidhe's connection to the Tuatha De Danaan, which doesn't seem right to me. Everything specifically about the Leanan Sidhe fits me perfectly, though.

I'm so glad Tanehem directed me to this community(thank you, by the way)! I never thought for one second that there would be so many others like me following a Kemetic path. If you could please inform me, I would love to know what types of otherkin you are. I'm especially curious to know if there are any other Fae or Vampiric people around. ^_^

I'm pleased to meet you, and glad to be here!


January 30th, 2007


maer, mediterranean, ocean
A question for discussion:

Are there any contradictions (or seeming contradictions) between your Kemetic path (or any Kemetic path) and the concept of otherkin? If so, how have you reconciled that dichotomy?

Let's get some life in this comm, shall we?

January 18th, 2007

A thought that's been bouncing about in my head for a while now...

I've noticed at the House of Netjer that people who have Yinepu (for example) as a Parent call themselves jackals or jackal-kids. People sometimes make reference to themselves and each other as the animal their Parent(s) is associated with, so that someone who has Djehuty as a Parent gets called a bird or refers to himself as a bird, and so on. I think there was a discussion at one point of how the attributes of Parents manifest in Their children - including the attributes of the animals the Parent is associated with. (Or maybe I'm imagining things and have only heard it mentioned once or twice. At any rate...)

The thought that comes from this is: Perhaps one's Parent (and/or Beloved) influences, colors, or is even the cause of some peoples' otherkinness? Maybe a Sekhmet-kid feels very definitely feline a lot of times, and identifies with felines, and perhaps even calls herself a lion or somesuch.

I'm not saying that's the case for everyone. Nor am I saying it invalidates one's identity as otherkin if that's the cause for someone's 'kinness. I just like collecting theories on the cause for/reason behind otherkin, and this one occurred to me as a possibility.

It sort of makes sense in my head. If the Parent is the one who creates one's ba, then one's ba contains a bit of the Parent's essence/sekhem (if I'm remembering/understanding the concepts correctly), and so the animal associations of the Parent would probably color and influence the ba.

Though perhaps the Beloved's influence (on the ka) might be more immediately evident... seeing as the ka is the personality and the surface-self. I'd think it'd also probably depend on who one's Parents and Beloveds are, too...


(And if one of the biq (bird-of-prey) Names shows up in my RPD, I'm going to be highly amused. ^_^' )
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